Recipient Call List

With the release 2020.12.15.x, the new feature “Recipient Call List” was added. This feature allows you to select care recipients that you wish to visit by phone and to take a note at the time of the call.

To select a care recipient, go to the Recipient listing. On the recipient listing, under the Primary Phone column, there is a plus symbol next to the phone number. When you click the plus symbol, it changes to a phone symbol and two buttons appear at the top of the page (Call and Clear Calls).

Click on the plus symbol by each recipient’s phone number (even if they are on a different page of the listing), that you wish to contact in your call session.

Once you have all care recipients selected, click the “Call (n)” button to bring up the Recipient Call List page.

At the top of the page will be the Recipient’s name and contact phone number. On the left will be the care notes that have been taken in the past which provide you with the recent history of the Recipient. On the right is the area to write the care note for the call.

Once the call has been completed, enter the care note, and click the Save Note button. The note will be saved and the next recipient in the call list will be displayed.

If the Recipient did not answer or the line was busy, you may wish to just skip the Recipient and add them at the end of the list. To do this, make sure the checkbox for “Remove from the call list” is not checked and click the “Skip” button. The Recipient will be moved to the end of the call list so you can retry the call later.

If for some reason, you don’t wish to complete the call or take a note, check the “Remove from the call list” checkbox and click the “Remove” button.

Once you’ve completed the call list, you’ll be returned to the Recipient listing and a message will appear confirming the completion of the call list.