About Us

Prayer Care Tracker was born out of necessity. My wife works for a United Methodist Church in Sun Lakes, Arizona. The church wanted a better way to manage their care ministry. Their main issues were: Communicating who was making which hospital/home visits and calls and when? What was the current status of each care recipient? When was it time to follow up with a care recipient?  Contact information was also needed about the care recipients and the facilities they were in. My wife wanted to come up with a solution. She asked me to help her create a spreadsheet with Excel.  I believed I could instead program a simple software program that would meet all their needs. Thus, Prayer Care Tracker was born.

As the care ministry’s needs and wishes grew, the software evolved into what it is today–a prayer and care tracking program that’s comprehensive, easy to use, fully customizable for any church, and just plain gets the job done.  To learn more about what Prayer Care Tracker can do, please read on