Software Overview

Prayer Care Tracker is an application to help with the prayer and care ministries of your place of worship. It does that by providing a central location for the current information about care recipients as notated by the assigned care team member after a visit or call. It also provides a means to track whether or not the recipient has a prayer need and whether or not they wish to be included in the worship bulletin for the congregation’s collective prayers.

In addition, Prayer Care Tracker provides an easy interface to create your place of worship’s custom listing of:

  • all care recipients (with contact information);
  • all facilities where recipients are located (with contact information);
  • Status Codes for recipients, such as Recent, Hospice, Homebound,  Inactive and more;
  • All types of care needs, from illness and accidents to divorce and loss;There is also an option to track whether or not a recipient wishes to be listed in the worship bulletin for prayers; and a tool that provides directions to facilities using  an interface with Google Maps.

All this information is password protected, searchable, and readily available to all members of your care team from the convenience of their PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

We all get busy. Perhaps the biggest value of Prayer Care Tracker is in making sure that recipients receive that visit or phone call in a timely manner. Prayer Care Tracker does that by color coding the recipient’s name, to indicate when he or she should be contacted next. For instance, if John Smith’s name appears in red, he hasn’t been contacted in X (you determine) days, and is due for a visit. Optionally, Prayer Care Tracker will send a notification text or email to the last care team member to make contact with a recipient, when the person is within a day or two of needing another visit.

Prayer and Care Tracker makes it easy to look up the last contact date with a recipient prior to a visit. Once the visit is over, the care team member can enter a care note on their laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. And,  in most cases, care team members can dictate a care note on their Apple or Android smartphone or tablet, using the microphone feature. Once saved, the note is date and time stamped automatically.

Prayer Care Tracker can be a useful tool in care ministry meetings Connect a laptop to a big screen to show all attendees the current status of recipients and the care notes that have been taken. A true time saver!

Getting Started