Defining and Setting Up Users

User Designations:

Prayer Care Tracker allows for four types of Users: Caregivers, Office Staff, Reports Only User, and Administrator.  Each type has a different role in using Prayer Care Tracker.

  • Caregivers are members of the care ministry team. They are Users who can log in to Prayer Care Tracker, create new recipients, and create care notes.
  • Office Staff are Users who can log in and view all information in Prayer Care Tracker, but they can not make any changes, additions or deletions.
  • Users having a Reports Only role are Users who can only view reports. They can not make any changes and can not view care notes.
  • The Administrator has full control over the program. He or she can create and edit Recipients, Users, Facilities, Prayer Needs, and Status Codes. He or she can also merge care notes when duplicates are created in error. The Administrator also manages the church’s account information. There should be no more than two Administrators–a primary and a secondary, for backup when the primary is not available.Setting Up Users:
    To set up new Users, the Administrator must first select Administration from the top menu. Then select List Users.



Select Add User, complete all fields, and select the type of role the User will have. Click Save. Repeat the process for all Users. The Administrator should change the initial password created for them in the welcome email they received when subscribing to Prayer Care Tracker. The Administrator can also change a User’s password at their discretion.

To delete a User, select Delete.  You’ll be asked to confirm this delete, as it cannot be undone.



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