Setting Up Facilities List

A facility is a location where the recipient currently resides. It could be a rehab facility, hospital, or some other type of facility. It could also be their home. Facilities may be added, edited and deleted.

Initially, the Administrator should delete any facilities that are not within the travel area of the care team members and add any that are not in the default list of facilities.

To list existing facilities, click “Facilities” on the menu, and a default list of all facilities will be displayed. If you prefer, you can filter the type of facilities by selecting a facility type from the drop down menu directly under Facility List. (Programming note: Prayer Care Tracker was created for a church located in southwest Arizona; thus the default facility list is for a 50-mile radius from that church. If your church is in another geographic location, please contact us by phone to discuss how to create a facility list for your needs.)

To delete a facility, click the Delete button on the right side of the facility line. To edit a facility, click the name of the facility and the Edit Facility page will open.

Update the fields of the facility as required and click the Update button to save the changes.

To add a new facility, click “Add Facility” located at the top of the list and to the right. The “Create Facility”page will open. Fill in the fields and click on “Save.”

You can also search for a facility by entering the entire or part of the facility name into the Facility Search box and clicking Search. If you have selected a facility type, the search will be limited to results of the facility type. To search all facilities, be sure you have selected “All” in the Facility List drop down menu.

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