Clergy Notifications

Clergy Notification allows a care team member to notify a member of clergy that a care recipient needs their attention or they should be aware of a situation.

To allow this to happen, a new role called Clergy has been added to the system. Members of clergy should be assigned this role by the Administrator from the Administration | List Users menu.

To add the role to an existing care team member, click on their name in the User List and check the Clergy role checkbox and click Update.

Add the clergy role to an existing user

You can also add the role when you add a new user to the system.

The clergy role for a new user

The Clergy role has all the rights that a caregiver has in the Caregiver role.

To let a member of the clergy or all clergy know about a care recipient, select them from the Notify Clergy drop-down menu in the Recipient Care Note.

Selecting a care member in the clergy role

he selected clergy or all clergy will receive an email with a copy of the care note for their action or information.

The email the clergy receives will have the subject “Clergy Notification – Care Recipient’s Name” and the body will contain information about the Care Recipient and the Caregiver.

Clergy Email Notice

Also, a new report, “Clergy Notices,” has been added that will allow Clergy to see the notices that they should have received. The report can be displayed for all or individual clergy members and for the time period you select.

Clergy Notice Report