Care Notifications

Even the best care ministry has the occasional slip, causing contact with a member in need to be missed or delayed.

Prayer Care Tracker (PCT) will help you prevent those occasions by using the Care Notifications feature.

As an example, the office staff or a clergy member learns of a person who will be entering the hospital. Soon after, the Care Recipient is entered into PCT with a status of “current” and assigned a primary Caregiver. A note is taken of when they will enter the hospital.

Add Recipient On Smartphone

Each status is assigned a recommended number of days between visits. For example, a Recipient with a “current” status has a 7-day visitation interval. (The recommended number of days can be changed by the Admin.)

When the care notifications feature is turned on, the Caregiver will receive a text message one day before the interval ends, as a reminder.

To turn this feature on, a Caregiver should log in to PCT and go to Account and click on Enable under “Send care notifications to my phone number shown above.”

Text message upon enabling notification in Account

 If a care note is not taken by the next visitation date, the Recipient’s name is highlighted in the color selected for the status. For example, a Recipient in current status that is overdue a visit will appear in red (see image below).

If you wish to know when the next care visit is due, hover over the Recipient’s name and the last visit, and the next visit dates are displayed.

Popup showing last visit and next visit dates. The name shown in red is overdue for a visit.

If you wish to know what care visits are past due, you can view the “Past Due Visits” report from the Reports menu.

Visits Past Due